theatre writer, director, poet, lyricist, game designer, advocate || space holder, gatherer, connector of people, capturer of experience, crafter || musicals, theatre-gaming hybrid forms, audience-involved immersive live performance

The Broad Cloth ongoing folklore-themed involved theatre/LARP, inclusive access support for both neurodivergent & neurotypical

Monday evenings UK time and 24/7: Website / Discord
What They Took With Them: a List new film, Japanese translation by Yuki Matsuzaki on YouTube (Also in Serbian and German)
Tiny LGBTQ+ Shows 3rd July 2022 at Omnibus Theatre, the making of spontaneous miniature works in open space: book here
The Fairytale Library 9th July 2022 at Omnibus Theatre, gently gathering fairytale moments in a one-on-one piece of theatre: book here



Jenifer Toksvig is represented by Alastair Lindsey-Renton at Curtis Brown

+44 (0)20 7393 4318