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The Fairytale Library

Immediate, immersive, intimate theatre

The gathering of fairytale moments is a work of one-on-one theatre: a librarian, and one participant talking about a story that has attached itself to them without them even realising. It is the teasing out of the hook, and what came away attached to it. These moments are captured in handmade books and kept in tiny suitcases. Sometimes there are also drawings accompanying the stories.


"It was an extraordinary exploration..."

"I remember being entranced the whole way through and so amazed at the outcome that I cried."

"A rich, magical, revealing experience that is still with me years later."

"It was a fascinating experience... truly liberating."

"I think of it often and I frequently talk to other artists about it and it’s significance."

"... fun, engaging & melted my heart."

"Profound, gentle and hugely fun."

"... everyone should contribute time to #TheFairytaleLibrary as it will make you feel very happy."

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