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The Copenhagen Interpretation of

The Broad Cloth

The Broad Cloth is a piece of guided community theatre which uses a ground-breaking new production process for accessibility.

Set on a fictional island whose main industry is the traditional manufacture of a woollen textile called broadcloth, the story revolves around their traditional coming-of-age gift: a bolt of broadcloth which is prepared and blessed at a community gathering. The recipient then spends their life being judged by how they cut their cloth.

The chief’s daughter, Elizabeth, is soon to come of age. You are invited... providing you can reach the island. They say there’s a great storm brewing. Maybe the island’s faery ancestors have other plans.

The full production will take place with different island communities around the UK and Scandinavia, each one imagining the fictional community and bringing it to life.


This project is a collaboration with Oliver Dawe and The Field Station in Norway, pictured above.

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