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Toksvig's Imaginary Restaurant

This is a collective game in which we all describe the best restaurant we can possibly imagine. Simply post a description of your order, and assume the staff deliver it immediately, even if they don’t have time to respond to you on the platform.

You can find us @toksvigs on Bluesky, Instagram, Mastodon, Threads, and on X formerly Twitter.

Feel free to order the best food & drink you can imagine, real or imaginary. You can also describe where you’re sitting: is it a cosy corner by a fire, or a patio in the sun? What’s the view from there? What can you hear? Share whatever details you like.

You might tag people to join you, or just mention if someone is with you. They can be real or imaginary, past or present. Anyone you like can join you at Toksvig's. All you have to do is describe it.

Revisit any delicious meal you can remember. Just order it from the Memory Menu and it will be exactly as you recall. You can even imaginarily enjoy it with those who were with you at the time.

We sometimes post a seaonal menu, from the point of view of the northern hemisphere, but please do post from your season if it’s different.

If you play this game, thanks so much for bringing it to life. Just to be clear: it is just a game, and it's only for fun. None of it is real. Unfortunately. If you like, you can show your love to the boss, Jenifer Toksvig, by buying her an actual real coffee (so to speak) here -

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