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a crafty project

The Charmers leave charms, talismans, amulets, little good luck objects with messages of support, left anonymously within specific community areas, to be found by those whose need for them leads them to find them.

Acorns for GOSH

16th May 2021

In England, acorns used to be carried as a boost to healing and good health. These knitted acorns are for the doctors and nurses at Great Ormand Street  Hospital, each one accompanied by a note explaining that The Charmers see all the little extra energies they give to boost the healing they do. The acorns can be carried in a pocket, to give a little healing back to them. The origami boxes that hold the charms are shaped like a crane, which is also a symbol of hope and healing.

This Charming project was given a little boost by Playful Anywhere.

Carbon Sketching
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