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Tiny Shows

an alternative way for producers to connect with creatives

The original Tiny Shows model was designed to:

  • give a complete experience of the process from writing to performance

  • facilitate multiple connections for collaborative creativity

  • give opportunity to explore the crafting of single dramatic moments

  • encourage and support risk-taking

  • spark new ideas

  • say yes to everyone who requested a place

  • pay all participants a fee to value the work of participating

  • take no rights in, and place no obligations on the work created

  • capture response/feedback during the process as much as possible

The original Tiny Shows model is now available for reuse under a Creative Commons license. Click here to download the latest version of the Tiny Shows basic model.

The first iteration took the form of Musical Theatre Tiny Shows in The Larder @ So and So Arts, and there have also been three iterations of LGBTQIA+ Tiny Shows in The Larder @ Omnibus Theatre

Using a self-organising method called Open Space Technology, creative folk collaborate to write, devise, improvise, direct, stage and perform tiny but perfectly formed works in response to a theme they don't receive until the day itself.

Open Space Technology is a system by which a large group of people can self-organise.It is also used by Improbable theatre company for their Devoted & Disgruntled events.They have some great guidelines online: click here for video, and here for a written explanation.

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